Design by Marie Rychlíková 2022

Marie Rychlíková was born on November 3, 1923 in Prague to an intellectual family.

A major influence on her future direction had her father Karel Rychlík, a mathematician and an uncle a painter Václav Špála and last but not least a professor Josef Kaplický at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague (where she studied in 1943–1949).

After graduation, she decided to collaborate and develop their own studio with her colleagues Lydia Hladíková and Děvana Mírová, which enabled them to become members of the Association of Fine Artists. 

This "working community" also made it easier for them to survive the difficult years of communism.Under the acronym "H + M + R", they dealt with the joint creation of ceramic works for architecture and at the same time devoted themselves to individual work, which they presented at exhibitions in Czechoslovakia and abroad.

The La Luna Collection is the first collection based on the original technology of the production of tiles from the early 1970s from the associated production of Elektroporcelán Louny. Here were produced tiles for the already iconic constructions of the first Prague metro C line or the Ještěd hotel.

Last year, when the production of Elektroporcelán ended, we bought this technology and under the DUC Works brand we try to revive this already forgotten technology and production processes and re-offer them to the market.